• MPowering Kids

    MPowering Kids

    Promising Help for Promising Students

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    MPowering Kids is an after-school program providing tutoring, mentoring, and cultural enrichment programs for motivated students in under-served communities. We serve promising, yet economically disadvantaged students who do not otherwise have access to tutoring.
  • Gary's Place for Kids

    Gary’s Place for Kids

    Gary’s Place For Kids provides ongoing grief support for children, ages 3 to 18 and their families, who have experienced the loss of a loved one due to a death, enabling them to express and process their feelings, reach grief adjustment and lead productive lives.

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    Gary’s Place For Kids provides the opportunity for grieving children, teens and their families to express and process their feelings in a safe and healthy environment. This foundation provides encouragement and community support at a critical time in a grieving family’s life.

    Our mission is simple…feel yourself up and feel yourself up often! Our organization is aimed at helping young women detect breast cancer early through self-examination.

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    Hi I’m Sara. I’m a one year breast cancer survivor. As soon as I was diagnosed, I knew I wanted to do something meaningful with my experience. Feel Yourself Up came to me during a girls weekend. Early detection is the key to fighting this disease and the best way to do it is through self-examination. I hope you enjoy my site and that it inspires you and those you share it with to take charge of your health!
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